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In 2006 we gave up our high stress jobs to try and create a better life. Our extended family; Mum, Dad, 3 grown up children, 3 Dogs and 2 Grandparents moved to a new life. We purchased a 23 Acre smallholding in Carmarthenshire, South Wales, to try to return to a simpler, slower pace of life, living in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. We have around 15 acres of good grazing, hay fields and 5 acres of mixed deciduous woodland.

A selection of animals and a 90 foot long polytunnel manage to keep Gina busy Whilst I walk around hugging trees, playing with wood and rebuilding the smallholding. We generate our hot water from vacuum tube solar panels most of the year, and in the winter heat the house with wood fired boilers. Our water is pumped from our own well and is pure and clean, no chlorine and no other nasty chemicals.


Our weatherstation managed to destroy its temperature and humidity sensors in May 2014. Thanks to Allen at "allen_alanna@mullion-cove.com" I got a sensibly priced replacemnt part, So it is now up and running again. Also my hosting provider changed the php version and this has broken a script in the history tab, I am working on this and hope to have a feed of historical site data from the weather underground (icarmart5) soon. .



All the latest from around the farm is in the blog (I write this knowing that Gina will not keep it up-to date as promised) But you never know someone may have updated it. Visit and see..


Pictures from around the farm and woodland, sorry they go a bit fast I am trying to find a way to slow it all down..

Historical Graphs

To lower the electrical costs we have had our solar PV panels installed, this gives us a 4KW generating capacity on a very good day. On the website we have all the data generated by our solar PV panels since January 2011 as well as real time data from the panels. Weather data is logged onto the website at 1 minute intervals and current and historical records are available.

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